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MyTime - Music Competition

1. Upload a 15 second video clip of your ORIGINAL tune to MyTime - It's the start of going global!

2. Share your unique link with as many fans as you can, in any way that you can.

3. Winner is the clip with the most votes, so get your fans to vote for you on MyTime.

Winning Prize

First prize is $5,000

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MyTime - Welcome to MyTime! We are the fastest-growing social competition platform.

  1. Take a photo showing us what creativity means to you for your chance to win $1000
  2. Extra $500 up for grabs if you include the MyTime logo somehow
  3. Upload to MyTime
  4. Share via your socials / text and get people voting for you
  5. Most votes wins!!

Winning Prize

$1000 for our winner and an extra $500 up for grabs if you include the MyTime logo somehow

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